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  • Du har et sÃ¥ personlig og nydelig hjem, dette er aldeles herlig, for det er ganske sjelden Ã¥ se. SÃ¥ eg er veldig glad over Ã¥ kunne gÃ¥ pÃ¥ besøk...Og det blir sikkert trivelig med besøk fra England...jeg er nemlig anglofil.
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  • 30 octobre 2012Merci pour ce lexique qui a l’air bien complet. Je viens juste de le découvrir, j’en cherchais un il y a quelques moi s et du coup je me suis préparer mon petit lexique que j’ai mit en ligne aussi sur mon blog, il est moins complet que le votre si je bloque sur des nouveau mots je viendrais ici.
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  • No, the sun is getting hotter. That would heat things up a bit right? There is no evidence that our carbon footprint on the earth is affecting the globe. Al Bore is an idiot. The only reason they want us to buy into the idea of global warming is so that they can start a global, yes global carbon tax. The powers that be are already talking about it.
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  • Dear Mary,I think it's great that you can get a speaker to come in on this subject. And you are right, knowing is only a part of it. The rest has to come with doing and protecting.Dear Inger,I also struggle with issues of trust when it comes to my daughter. If I can feel reassured, it helps me let her have new experiences. Damn terrible statistic this issue is.~Deb
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  • certainly like your web-site however you haveto check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to inform the reality thenagain I will surely come back again.[WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’0 which is not a hashcash value.
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  • Squeals of excitement - you're so lovely to give away two big parcels of felty fun - number two wins slightly for me it's the teapot and the acorn that swung it! Thank you :)
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  • I don't see any universal truth in Kandinsky's theories, but like Feng Shue, he could use them to produce results that I enjoy. I always like to learn about how the artists I like do stuff.I always wondered how you could produce such compositions without them looking like preschool projects.Andreas, I cannot explain it to you. I don't have the chops. For me it was love at first sight with Kandinsky. It's not the same response I have to anything that comes out of a Kindergarten.
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  • i truthfully love your own writing type, very remarkable.don't quit and keep posting considering the fact that it simply just worth to look through it.excited to see more and more of your own writing, enjoy your day!
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  • Super les filles! Quel progrès depuis ma première visite sur votre site le 12 oct… J’ai montré à Marc-André comme c’est hot ce que vous faites!!Je me répète mais je suis fière de vous!!Profitez de vos derniers moments en terre Africaine, Marocaine…À plusChristine
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  • Ah yes, I've been a freecycle fan since Cali (though I must admit, the items are much more tame out here in the Midwest!Be sure to find the group for our town, too.
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  • Oj, vad fint ni gjort.Har ni trädgÃ¥rd- och odlingsvana sedan tidigare?Är grymt imponerad!Rabarber…längtar efter sol och värme. Snart är den här!//Kajsa
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  • NÃ¥r man fÃ¥r lavet laserbehandling, skal man lige huske, at ens hÃ¥r vokser frem igen, nÃ¥r man bliver gravid pga. hormonerne SÃ¥ hvis ikke man sidder med en masse penge, sÃ¥ skal man mÃ¥ske lige overveje det
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  • They have gone enormously spread in a big way. It has gone beyond control and to make is back into control is considerably tough or a never ending task. The decline of facebook will be, when it becomes a threat to it users in many ways which the company does not recognize, which is already happening. Humans are the users, its complicated.
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  • yay your cushion is FANTASTIC...i love the dino (obviously) but most of all i love the flags :-) Leo is one lucky boy !!good luck with no computer wednesdays! imagine if you've just started somthing and no one in the Whole Wide World used a computer on a wednesday, it would be easy to stick to then, heh??hahaha xxxxx
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  • Pedro:Lastimosamente se tiende a caer en ese mal. Si no se maneja de una forma organizada los tiempos y tareas diarias, se puede llegar a estar inclusive, mucho mas ocupado y estresado que en un trabajo tradicional.Saludos
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  • Sonia...Happy Mother's Day to you too and thank you for not just being a wonderful Momsie but also a wonderful food blogger....you deserve a wonderful day! Have a great time with your family on this special day ! :)
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  • It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.
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  • يعجبني فيك يا محمود طموحك اجدك في كل مكان اتمني فيه شباب الوطنسوف يكون لك شأن بأذن الله في عالم الصحافة اذا ابتعدت عن عتقيت صحافتنا و عواجيزها وتفاهة بعض شبابها حفظك الله ورعاك .…
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  • My late grandfather used to brush his teeth with V05 hair cream on occasion - hey, they both come in a tube. He didn't even make it to 94. Anyways, I think I'd prefer the applesauce.
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  • What I’ve always found laughable from this current crew is the $250,000 line in the sand…without ANY qualifications. Cost of living differences are stark from region to region and sometimes from zip to zip in the same region.
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  • Ser ut som dere har hatt en koselig tur da! Ã…ssÃ¥ sÃ¥ fin du er med baby i magen ☺ Kjempe flotte bilder!! Hvordan fÃ¥r du dem sÃ¥ store...Ã¥ssÃ¥ sÃ¥ mangen pÃ¥ en gang i ett innlegg?? hmmm...
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  • Ca y est ça a marché ! En fait ce qui posait problème, c’est que je cherchais à changer le nom de l’auteur. En n’y touchant pas, tout fonctionne à merveille ! Reste à trouver une méthode rapide pour changer tous les liens internes, et à rapatrier les images chez free ! Merci ! ^_^
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  • They only needed to invite Suzuki Kyoka because then “Mother and son” would be a perfect theme for the show. Else I wouldn’t know why there were only obaasan!?It gave me the same feeling as when I watched a movie in which parents and grandparents took part in an elementary graduation ceremony to cheer for their kids’ performance. Im not saying about Jump’s performance, Im just saying about the audiences.
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  • This article is very interesting and gripping. I like your points of view and how well they are expressed. Your content is well-written. Thank you.
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  • Thanks for the plug, Michelle! Just seeing it now as I’m catching up on my reading after spending Friday and most of weekend getting my son’s fracture in a cast. . Thank goodness for WordPress, publishing ahead feature.Have really been enjoying the blogathon. Fun to check out all these new blogs and I agree with Joanne that it really helps with the discipline. As for my survey, is interesting to find that at one point or another the majority of us have broken the law. I’ll be following up on that for sure.Kathy
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  • Well, I can’t speak for RCS’ personal reasoning. No inside info there. But I’ve bumped into a fair number of people who see strong exegetical evidence for 24-hour days, but also strong exegetical evidence in the words of the text for some sort of gap after Gen 1:1, or a restricted geographical view of Gen 1:2ff, or large gaps in the genealogies. All of those views present their own problems, but I’m not sure the problems are so great that it’s wise for anyone to make the YE part of YEC a hill to die on. Or to shoot non-YEs (who believe in ex nihilo creation after their kinds) from.
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  • Högerpartiet kom att helt acceptera allmän och lika rösträtt 1918 pÃ¥ grund av den utbredda rädsla som fanns inom partiet för en svensk revolution, liknande den ryska.Tur att vi fÃ¥r rösta i detta land......
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  • इमु इथल्या एका झु मध्ये पाहिला होता. पण तरी ते खाण्यासाठीचं फ़ार्मिंग वाचुन थोडं वैट वाटतंय..अर्थात कोंबड्यांचंही तेच करतो आपण…आणि तुम्हाला वाड्यामध्ये एसी रेस्टॉरन्ट कुठे मिळालं?? माझी मावसबहिण तिच्या रेसिडेन्सीसाठी वाड्याला होती तेव्हा गेलेले आणि एक पोस्टमार्टेम पाहायचं नशीबात आलं…लिहेन कधीतरी त्यावर..पण तेव्हा आम्ही तिच्या हॉस्पिटल क्वार्टरच्या किचन मध्ये घरीच बनवुन खाल्लं होतं…नशीब पोस्टमार्टेमच्या वेळी खाल्लेलं बाहेर नाही आलं ते…आज हे सगळं आठवतेय…श्या….
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  • Gratulerer med ankomsten etter en strabasiøs tur. Dette stÃ¥r det respekt av! Kos dere videre og hils til mommo fra nabo’n. Ønsker dere en riktig GOD JUL alle sammen og et fredfyllt godt nyttÃ¥r. Juleklem fra Pilestredet Park.
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  • Citavi anche il Che’ e nel tuo intervento c’erano tante cose che adesso il PD non vuole affrontare (vedi testamento biologico), diamo i soldi alle scuole private (vedi legge Bastico in Emila Romagna) e sul lavoro il PD non affronta più i problemi reali che colpiscono tanti cittadini.Comunque il tuo intervento è molto attuale anche per la situazione che abbiamo in questo periodo
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  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem Bloggeburtstag. Ich habe Deinen Blog ja erst vor Kurzem entdeckt; mir gefällt die Mischung, von jedem etwas, absolut sehens- und lesenswert. Lg Sabrina
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  • moi j’trouv qe ce livre é super .. on a du le livre (chui en classe de 3eme) et il m’a vrement marqué en particulier le ddenouement de la finBon pr le nbre de pages chui daccord l’auteur c pas vrement « emmenrdé » (excusez moi pr les thermes)Voila en gros si j’devais le noté il ùeritré un 14
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  • Dr, a Fox já irá exibir a Copa do Brasil e o Campeonato Brasileiro em canal fechado. O senhor acredita que em pouco tempo poderemos exportar nossos campeonatos, considerando que para possibilitar isso teremos que admitir partidas disputadas mais cedo? Penso que esse sacrifício será bem vindo.
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  • ooh.. I should mention the original chorus was a homage to my favorite song of Tims…. it was "Growing Old Town, were grew up there".. but changed to "In the old town, we grew up there, You dont walk on as we (are) all belong" to fit better… still.. the intention was there.. still dig that song man.. rockin stuff..
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  • たぶん、ほとんどの男の人は、びっびさんのご主人と変わりないと思いますよ。よく、タレントさんで、本人が言っているだけで、奥さんはどう思っているのだろうね・・・と思いますね。イクメンといわれている人がいますが子育てってほんとに大変で、休むこともできないから、ほんとにイライラしてきますよね。私もそうでした。同じようなことで腹を立てていました。でも、子どもが大きくなって、自分に余裕がでてくると、なんでこんなことに腹が立っていたのだろうと思います。びっびさんも子どもさんが産まれる前は、気にならなっかったでしょう?子どもさんが産まれて、ご主人の性格が豹変したのでない限り、ご主人は同じ人ですから、びっびさんが気になり出しただけなんですよ。育児という大きな仕事が増えたので、びっびさんのご主人への期待値は高くなっているのですが、ご主人が変わらないだけなんです。ここは、しっかりお母さんになったびっびさんが、ご主人を上手くお父さんに成長させてあげましょう。まずは、ご主人に手伝ってもらいたいことをひとつ決めて伝え、それができるようになったら、助かるわとか言って感謝の気持ちを伝える。そして、今度はこれもやってもらえると助かるわ・・・と言ってひとつひとつ覚えてもらうのです。簡単なことからがいいですね。できないときは責めないで、小さなことでも協力してくれたら感謝しましょう。子育ての時期は、働き盛りの時期でもあります。仕事で奥さんが知らない苦労をしていらっしゃることも大いにあると思いますよ。ご主人も仕事で頑張っている・・・と思えば、小さなことでも感謝の気持ちが出てくるのではないでしょうか?こういう時期を上手く乗り越えて、家族になっていくのではないかと思います。1f41
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  • thank you mrs romney you are a great person like also mitt and your family god bless you and keep you and give you many good years america lost a fine frist lady but bless you any way and give you heath so you and can live a long good life thank you so much.
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  • Jag tror vi är ca 631 personer pÃ¥ LS, sÃ¥ det är klart vi skall lÃ¥ta en del.:-)Säger som Franky: "Blir faen mig tÃ¥rögd när jag sitter och minns tillbaka pÃ¥ den GRYMMA stämning som vi haft i Ã¥r"Längtar längtar längtar!
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  • You look ready to go festivaling in that bonito polka dot frock.You always have lady luck on your side!I especially love the fringe shawl and Victorian velvet jacket your Stevie Nicks ready.I been to the charity shops all month haven't found anything.I wore my flower headband today too.luv ya
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  • That looks wonderful! Of course, I’ve never met a salmon dish I haven’t loved. Yup, I have worms, too, but I rescue them from puddles. And must admit, use them as bait to catch the fish from our pond. That old circle of life rearing it’s head again.
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  • Our office uses the Google Calendar. We've learned scheduled events appear on the weekly calendar view but not on the monthly calendar view. How can we sync all calendar views?
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  • Hi, I think your Pinterest account has been ghosted :-/ You don't have any followers, and I can't follow you. (I can click the Follow button, but it doesn't "stick" after refreshing the page.)
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  • Caro Fernando Relvas,Em nenhum momento estava a apontar falhas algumas, quer em relação às obras originais quer a esta edição, que muito prezo (e espero tenha sucesso suficiente ora para permitir aos editores repetir gestos idênticos ou fomentem outros a fazê-lo, quer em relação ao seu trabalho - ainda há tanto por "recuperar" - quer em relação a outros autores). Obrigado por todos os esclarecimentos,pedro
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  • इस निर्मम बीहड़ जन अरण्य मेंइतने सारे ‘अपनों’ के बीचहोते हुए भीमैं नितांत अकेली हूँ !…………………मार्मिक किंतु सत्य चित्रण
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  • Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didnt appear. Grrrr well Im not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say excellent blog!
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  • Until I read this, I had almost completely forgotten my teenage obsession with Holmes, and with Jeremy Brett as Holmes.Thank you for reminding me. Now I really must see this movie. And yes, the slash has always been canon.
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  • dit :Salut, personnellement, pour rooter le Desire HD, j’ai utilisé, mais aussi acheté Ultimate Multi Tool. L’outil idéal pour Desire HD, tu peux tout faire avec.
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  • Thank you for posting this! I, er, went down the same rabbit hole on first viewing… made all the more awkward by my being old enough to be Mr. H.’s mother. To top if off, I – despite an IT-esque job – do not work with any movie geeks, and my IRL friends aren’t possessing of the right type of geekiness.My SO sometimes is, but it wasn’t the sort of conversation I wanted to have there!At least I can now say it’s lead me to your highly-enjoyable blog.
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  • Isn’t this the same little sister that you couldn’t take enough pictures of a while back? I seem to remember ice creams and railway lines …. but I’m not going to look it up. Can’t you keep her occupied with modelling? – she is quite cute, and we’d love to see the results.
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  • Le mercato n’est-il pas en avance ?Après le Marché commun, le Merkozy…Les citoyens risquent de ne pas se retrouver dans cette singulière construction européenne, si éloignée de nos aspirations, de nos revendications (fin du dumping, véritable Europe sociale…).
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  • Ah tá, é porque quando vc colocou “Sabe como no Brasil fazemos com um café e um pão de queijo…?”, aí pensei que vc também estivesse falando dos cafés… até hoje eu não tive um desses almoços demorados por aqui, por isso não sabia dessa… rsrsrsr Bom saber!!!! Beijos
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  • I beg you to bring the old layout back, the new one is more a regression then improvement.Especially the star-rating was good, but it's gone now. Also it's confusing that there're frames around anything.
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  • big_boss_jaber Danke für deine hilfe und ich werd mich dran halten will jetzt mal eine gute figur kriegen jetzt ess ich nur gemüse ich bin jetzt fast so wie ein vigetaria so Danke für deine hilfe
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  • BonjourJ’ai le permis de poids lourds, mais il n’est plus valide car ça fait plusieurs années que je devais passer la visite médicale et je l’ai pas fait.Est-ce que je peux encore passer une visite médicale pour le valider ?Merci
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  • you could spread your face in lard and still look beautiful =DI tried this and it is NO WAY made for oily skin, slipped off in under an hour =( xxxx
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  • Åžampiyonlar Ligi'ni aldığı sezon sol kanatta Ronaldinho oynamıyor muydu Barca'da? SaÄŸ kanatta da Giuly vardı diye aklımda kalmış. Neden sol kanada adam arıyordu ki Rijkaard?
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  • Hasta siempre Hal, ojalá todo hubiese sido diferente... ojalá pudiera haberte enseñado a bailar, o mejor aún, que me hubieras enseñado la manera en que tú lo haces. Ojalá esas conversaciones se hubieran prolongado por mucho más tiempo, que hubieran sido tan largas que el tiempo ya no fuera una medida... ojalá me recordaras como lo que fui, un grave error, que como todo grave error trajo consigo una moraleja intrascendental...Ojalá exista por lo menos un ojalá cuando me recuerdes.
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  • Kindred spirits. I love whiskey sours too! It looks like a great day. The CNE (our “Ex”) comes to Toronto in August, so I shall do my best to have as much fun as it appears you did when I go
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  • You can certainly see your expertise within the work you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart. “The most profound joy has more of gravity than of gaiety in it.” by Michel de Montaigne.
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  • Hi Chun,I didn’t find any accounts in the banks that you mentioned, that had attractive interest and yet functioned as a normal bank account.POSB has its “” account, while Citibank has a “” account. However, their interest rate can go up and down based on how much you save each month, and whether you make any withdrawals (which would then drop you to the lowest interest rate).I personally prefer bank accounts which are clear cut. Thus I did not include accounts that were too complicated.
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  • Hi Terri,I read your entries frequently, and this is the first time I posted a comment. Hope you don't mind.I'm a college student studying abroad. Before I left the country, I had terrible fights with my mom every single day (trivial stuff). We were very emotional, because we knew that we were going to be parted from each other. But deep down, we still love each other. I'm sure that Ming understands what you're going through right now, and aware that your love for him would never fail :)God bless!
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  • Per i principianti è davvero difficile da usare e intuire, ho dovuto cercare nel web commenti e filmati per riuscire a lavorare. Manca la guida in linea, quella che ho trovato nel web è scarsa e poco precisa nei dettagli
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  • Great post! So many good points. May I add one more: Please keep your bare feet off of others’ seats – yes, I can see your little piggies wriggling around on my armrest, and it’s gross.
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  • Köszönöm a kérdést :). Meg is válaszoltam. Nekem még van mit fejlÅ‘dnöm fotózás terén, de pont most költözünk új lakásba ami sokkal világosabb a mostaninál, remélem ez majd látszani is fog a képeken.
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