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  • Les deux? Je pense que la mode au Monde a vraiment besoin de sang frais, et de présenter de nouveaux créateurs, nouveaux artistes etc. Mais L’insolite…j’adore ça aussi…
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  • Oh yeah, this guy and all the Pakistani guys with hand files and old hammers banging these things out on rocks in caves are my new heros. I find all this do it yourself stuff to be very relaxing.Now if only I could figure out how to make my own Zingersâ„¢ to replace the ones the greedy corporations and the greedy unions took away from me I would have real freedom.
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  • I have been in a long distance interracial relationship for about 3yrs now and I think this guy is wrong it is true love out their if u find someone who thinks of you so special they will wait just to have you,and that’s what were doing,cuz we know were soulmates! Me=Texas Him=Idaho Mario+Joya
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  • 25 julio, 2007AnónimoEl tunning emule que es lo que haces? tocas al ventana TCP? en que te basas para una connexiones de 10 a 20 M para merjorar la performance de la burra?saludos.  
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  • Ils en savent quelque-chose, les inuits, de la neige ! ;o) Ici, rien de tel mais il paraît que c'est bien tombé dans l'arrière-pays ... POur les gaufres, je suis OK même sans neige ... ! ;o)))Bisous et bonne semaine à toiHélène
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  • Bonjour Nadji,Elles sont splendides tes brioches et doivent être savoureuses avec le lait concentré sucré.Encore une fois, la reine des viennoiseries a frappé !!!C'est une magnifique réalisation très réussie, avec une mie bien filante.Bises,Patricia
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  • Philip what a story…I too was driving when I heard you describe Jeff Buckley’s arrival at the rehearsal. I thought you were exaggerating until they played the recording. Unbelieveable. I had to pull over. Do you have any idea where we can get the best recording…was it ever officially recorded or are there just bootlegs?
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  • We had our 7th Charity Golf Day yesterday and I picked up the wrong prints from the printer (don’t ask! – it took me 6 clues to realise that I was solving Tuesday 31st!)I’ll have a look at this with a pint along with Saturday’s and the NTSPP. Comments look encouraging!
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  • A really lovely post Vix. It seems like you have inherited a lot of her good taste when it comes to accessories, so nice of you to share those memories with your readers.Carol xwww.mystylisms.blogspot.com
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  • so cool that you're doing this, and so beautiful, what a nice place to work at! I love the racks, they remind me of the art school and the etching/silk screen printing studio Now, a question, why ink jet printing instead of photo sensitive paper and chemistry from a lab? just wondering… [PS: so awesome that Branden's dad built the station!!!]
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  • Oh, wow, his use of color is beautiful!About your comment, no, we don't make wedding rings, at least not yet. But we're getting in some new tools and equipment, so maybe in a couple of months....
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  • it can’t find GLib, but I compiled it following your steps. Any additional steps? I’m not only new to Mac OS X, but most importantly, to the command-line. :sThanks in advance.
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  • genius behind The Writer’s [Inner] Journey.  Like many bloggers participating in the WordCount Blogathon, Meredith and I will be swapping blogs for a day (not like that), so feel free to head over to The
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  • Thanks for publishing this, Laurie. Yes, even though I have irons in the fire for opportunities, it still was extremely stressful. But the best part of this experience: I’m more wise and mature as a result in that I’ve learnt what not to do.
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  • Acum Rachel lucreaza parca la volumele 13 si 14. Eu am citit toate volumele care au aparut la Leda. Ti-o recomand, Rachel stie s-o i-o intoarca Monica-i si s-o lase cu buza umflata:D si e tare haioasa!!
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  • I did wonder how this was going to work. I mean lobsters are way cheaper in the US aren't they? Isn't that why they are piled high with meat? I mean the Hawksmoor one has a whole lobster so obvs you have to pay for it but at least you know what you're getting. Why don't they do a crayfish roll instead? If there's so many of those bad American crayfish flooding our waters then why not use em all up?
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  • I won’t be able to thank you adequately for the blogposts on your web page. I know you placed a lot of time and effort into them and hope you know how considerably I enjoy it. I hope I can do a similar thing for someone else at some point.
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  • Hey there are using WordPress for your site platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and create my own. Do you need any coding knowledge to make your own blog? Any help would be really appreciated!
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  • Straight from the July 24th post:“lines that wrapped around 4 downtown blocks of girls waiting to see the guy from Twilight…and for once I don’t know the actor’s name, and I would like to keep it that way…”
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  • Gaia, Elisabetta, TataNora, grazie a voi comunque, spero di riuscire a incrociare qualcuna di voi! :-)Se ci saranno altre date in programma lo comunicherò al più presto tramite blog.Già ordinare il calendario è un buon gesto ... buono come il pane! :-)Grazie in anticipo e buonissima domenica a voi!
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  • Also wenn da nicht grad Oasis ein Reunion-Konzert geben, könnte ich mir eigentlich keinen triftigen Grund vorstellen, ein Portishead-Konzert zu verpassen. All das heute angesagte Indie-Gesocks ist in 5 Jahren ohnehin Schnee von gestern, aber Portishead bleiben…
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  • This president is a disappointment and a poor student of history. He had ignored the lessons of Vietnam, a prolong war that resulted in the loss of ten of thousands our best young men and resulted in many being physically and mentally wounded and the erosion of our image and treasure.
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  • this. The case law in this area always uses the term citizen. The rest is simply assumed. Based on this, a debate still exists as to the specific meaning of the phrase 'natural born' citizen. Until that time that the SCOTUS specifically says that someone born here to non-citizens is NBC, this is NOT settled law.
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  • the usa is now offering storehouses of many more gas and oil compared with the number when ever billings am us president,you will find beliefs, I showed my contemporary take individuals knew that simple fact biggest delusion may answers to our problems will sourced from taxpayer. the usa is now offering storehouses of many more gas and oil compared with the number when ever billings am us president,you will find beliefs, I showed my contemporary take individuals knew that simple fact biggest delusion may answers to our problems will sourced from taxpayer.
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  • I recently watched Storage Wars for the first time a few weeks ago, and that was the first question I posed to my family as we were a few minutes into the first show. Frankly, I’m shocked there have been no dead bodies found to date.
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  • All good, Pete. Here’s one I’ve had to unlearn: “Being called means you must suffer.” True in some ways, no doubt, but pastors sometimes endure too much at the hands of their own people because they believe it is their calling to be overworked and undervalued.
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  • On a good day I think, look how far we have come! Cars are more efficient, people recycle, the local food movement is gaining momentum etc. Then, some days I think, none of this will ever be enough. We have polluted too much, the majority is too greedy, short sighted and self absorbed to make the huge sweeping fundamental changes that it would really take to make a difference, and even if we did make those changes…is it already too late?
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  • Mah, forse in Svizzera i piloti non si faranno troppi problemi a querelarlo. Ah, questo mi ricorda che a inizio aprile passo da quelle parti, qualcuno è a corto di Afri-cola?
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  • Who cares about the little Charlie and his lizard site!GOV and The Brussels Journal are excellent and at the top of my bookmarks.The crawling site has turned into another version of the Daily Kooks...
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  • I was wondering how long before your next book comes out I feel like i’ve been waiting forever. I love your books and your wilards. you put smiles in all our hearts. N. EARL
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  • Ceux qui cassent les biens (privés et publics) sont les méchants casseurs.Et ceux qui cassent les gueules à coups de matraques (cf. « gomme à effacer le sourire » dans les commentaires) ?
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  • Denver none of those are gonna be back up keepers.Can someone explain to me why we want Glen Johnson when we have Ivanovic and Bosingwas and 2 class back ups, Ferreira and Belleti in RB?Reply
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  • Right there with you. I was 22 when pregnant with my first, and the first tip off for me was after eating my normal sized portion of dinner, I went back for a full serving of seconds. Tapeworm indeed!!
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  • Szczepcio pisze:podobno niebawem, polskie feminazistki, majÄ… zorganizować coÅ› co siÄ™ bÄ™dzie nazywaÅ‚o ” DNIEM CIPKI”, ja to popieram i mam nadziejÄ™, że to bÄ™dzie MAXYMALNIE nagÅ‚oÅ›nione i po tej manifestacji już nikt nigdy nie potraktuje ich poważnie
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  • heavilEh, guys, did any one of you realize that this voice DOESN’T belong to Stephen King? I mean, come on, did any one listen to one of the audio book read by the writer or even watched some interviews with him? This is NOT Stephen King, people, wake up! And thank you, unknown Stephen King voice imposter, for putting up this lame fake response.
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  • Ik vind de receptenbox erg mooi.....wat ben jij een drea-bea zeg...ongelofelijk...enne....40 worden....daar voel je he-le-maal niets van hoor....het wordt alleen maar leuker ( vind deze 42-jarige )...Nog een fijne avond.Groetjes Bianca xx
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  • Homem da terra e homem do povo, Raimundo Carvalho com sua simpátia, alegria, dedicação e coragem vai fazer com que Barra do Corda se torne uma cidade diferente.. Torcendo muito por você
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  • Hidden due to low comment rating. .klu ikut dlm novel, watak ain hawani ni muda n sweet….br lps sekolah..tp pompn ni sesuai ker? erkkkk….! nadiya nisaa ni berlakon kira best jgk la tp muka dia xbpe cantik la…sorry to say tp muka dia nmpk agak tua ckit… mcm muka x mandi..hehehe;p btw, suka watak rozie rashid dlm ni.Poorly-rated.
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  • Jeg mener nÃ¥ at barnehage ikke passer i sÃ¥ høy alder som foreslÃ¥s. Dersom ikke de unge klarer Ã¥ finne aktiviteter selv, sÃ¥ er det mer dyptgripende problemer vi stÃ¥r overfor. Kanskje den offentlige skolen passiviserer og fjerner eget initiativ fra de unge?
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  • Un petit mot pour vous dire que:Boucherie L’Excellence3565, Rue Belair, Montreal, QC, H2A2B1n’existe plus mais que nous avons recueilli une grande partie de la clientèle et que nous recevons beaucoup de « français » dans le quartier. Vous êtes les bienvenus!
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  • BillI recently purchased an 01 Dauvissat Foret on square in Beaune which was also oxidised. When I shared this with some of the locals at the hotel, they were not surprised and expected this wine to be bad. Do we wait to long for these wines to evolve? Jeff
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  • October 6, 2012 at 5:11 amI am an intermediate guitar player and so far i’ve always been playing it by looking at guitar tabs for cover songs, and i’m tired of it. i actually want to be able to come up with my own melodies and riffs but don’t know the best approach. I know songs are usually in one or two certain scales in a certain key if im right. so if you think its the correct approach, which scale in which key should i learn to improvise in metal music? Reply
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  • It is heart warming to note there are other critical thinkers inhabiting the same planet: inspired me to adopt a different approach to letters that fail to get published in the ‘regular media’. Await developments!
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  • Definitely agree that Orlando should be the favorite. The only X-factor IMO is the fact that Boston matches up so well with them (esp. Perkins) that they might be able to nullify the superior talent. We saw how important matchups are last year. Whoever came up with the move of requiring the world to pretend Duncan is a PF (whether Duncan himself or an agent) is one smart dude. Decades from now he’ll be remembered as the greatest PF ever, instead of being ‘in the discussion’ with Kareem, Russell, Wilt, Shaq, Hakeem, and the other great championship centers. We should have all pretended Kobe was a 3 from the beginning.
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  • My oldest (18) and youngest (10) were boys and were pretty rolly-polly at times. My daughter was stick thin as a baby and child. All three were breastfeed!I still remember my oldest' great-grandmother insisting I was nursing him too much because he was so chubby and then 3 yrs later insisting my daughter wasn't nursing enough because she was so thin. Funny part of that was that she nursed so much MORE than he ever did :)
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  • How do you leave off Archie Goodwin, sidekick to Nero Wolfe. Totally likeable and very well developed. Like Watson, the story is told through Archie's eyes.
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  • you are right, most A-merry-cans do want health insurance reform. MOST A-merry-cans. The ones that don't want it already have a pretty good health plan, (or so they think)we will see."Actually, I both have a "good" health plan, and I want single-payer.I think that the costs, even if I bare a proportional percentage of them, and end up with worse health care, are worth the benefits. A healthier society is a richer society.
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  • I always thought that the game was rigged. I decided not to deal with the publishers after being told by a couple of agents that my work was derivative. What does that mean anyway?Anyway, I am now on Amazon in digital and print (indie-published) and I have steady sales. I hope to do better and eventually support myself. Cyn
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  • I don’t think we’re in for another Great Depression, but we could see a serious, extended recession…The socialism will end when 51% of the voters demand real change. It’s not too early to think about the next 2-4 years. We need to educate our friends and co-workers in time for the midterm elections, and then nominate the right candidate to defeat Obama in ’12.
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  • The banks number one priority in the last couple of years would have been income.All I was saying is that future income prospects and farm prices are now looking better.The banks bailing out of their side of the deal has destroyed a lot of wealth and created more debt.
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  • She is so perfect! I was secretly *hoping* the name was Olivia when I was reading the letter posts – it is such a cute name and it sounds adorable with your last name! I’m so happy for you guys – I was so excited when I read that you were pregnant and I’ve enjoyed following along the family page watching everything take place. It’s amazing how fast it has flown. Congratluations!!
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  • re: fracking1. some of the loony left, YES but not ALL progressives by a long shot guy – you’ve been listening to the right again haven’t you?2. how come Obama managed to shut down the Keystone, stop drilling on public lands and the Gulf but not stop fracking?what’s the deal?
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  • Oh Sheila…was so missing your blog…welcome back. That is such a wonderful blog….at St.Mary/Mother Cabrini Parish in Conneaut we are doing the Divine Mercy chaplet….we have two little girls leading us in the singing of it…so beautiful-so calming. We will do it during Advent and then Lent before our vigil mass. So, I hope our little group is helping sending out those waves/prayers…what a wonderful way to think of it. I am outting you in charge of hugging our Katie for Christmas…love her miss you…please have a wonderful holiday….:)
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  • Thanks Brian! I’m so glad you participated in the ‘thon.You are right, 12 full days was a heck of a workout. My intention was to have a long ‘thon so the schedule was more flexible, and also so it didn’t directly compete with other ‘thons going on in September. In retrospect, I’m not sure 12 days was a good idea, but lesson learned for the next thon.
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  • "screw 'em". There are many brave voices within Islam pleading for reason who need support and encouragement. We must be guarded, however, to distinguish between the voices within the Islamic community who wish coexistence within a sturcture of secular states, vs those who simply would eschew the extreme measures of the Jihaddis, bin Ladens, and terrorists, but who would still pursue the Ummah with its ultimate replacement of our system of laws with the Shari'a. Sadly, I still sense the voices of reason are vastly outnumbered by the hordes who fit the descriptions in "The Madness of Crowds".1
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  • I am a huge fan of free will, and don't like the idea of actually damaging a part of the brain in order to help people give up a habit. I've long noticed that many "bad" things are "good" things taken to an extreme. (Good: "She always tells such great stories." Bad: "She never shuts up!") I think the urge to keep smoking would be in that category. Effort does work for most people, even if it has to be repeated effort, and I don't see what's so wrong with that that there must be talk of damaging a part of the brain.
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  • Why not just add additional quarters to the game, until someone is winning at the end of a quarter? It more or less guarantees both teams get the ball, and would be especially dramatic in the playoffs, where it would increase the number of late drives and 2 minute drills.
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  • You also empower the Unions. I see the Unions are making a big comeback ever since your Free Trade began in the 1990′s, and they’re going international too.Unions were fading away, but no, you had to push people into poverty with your open-borders/free-trade.
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  • And hopefully folks are remembering to contact their Reps as often as possible to voice their views on the conflict, US support for Israel no matter what they do etc. Call your Reps
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  • ...I will emphatically state that I can't and won't vote for a party that dismissed science and is intent on infecting our public education system with religion and pseudo science.========================Then you can never vote for a Democrat, as they run the public schools and have infected them with all sorts of religion and pseudo science, such as the Global Warming myth.
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  • first saw this on DovBear’s blog, and then it popped up again on Hannah’s blog, and decided that I would address it briefly here.  It starts more or less with this YNet
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  • This ad is up in Euston station in London, and everytime I've seen it I've read it as "We are in support of people getting aids". I assumed it was trying to say that by not actively working to stop the spread of the disease I was in favour of it. But now it seems this bloke makes clothes and I have abolsutely no idea what the hell it's on about.
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  • King should be investigating Homeland Security for the blue-gloved thugs who shove their hands down our pants at the airports, and Chertoff’s sweetheart deal to profit from the cancer-causing porno scanners that he signed off on as former head of DHS. Instead, he’s the David Duke of Congress, a white supremacist masquerading as a centrist. Pathetic.
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  • misncadGiven the length of time it’s taking for CoS to open, do you think it may be that they will hold the next book till September 1, to coincide with the beginning of the new year at Hogwarts? Either that, or July 31st, Harry and JKR’s birthday?Just found the blog, I was a beta myself – love the tips on dueling and potion making, they have helped tremendously.
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  • Hi, Nancy. The process sounds fairly easy, but it seems a lot easier still just to switch to OO.o and export your presentation as a swf. I've switched for almost everything sometime after OO.o 2.0 came out, and it's doing well! (After using styles in OO.o Writer, I don't foresee ever going back to Word of my own free will!)
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  • sono perfettamente d’accordo con te! Elena deve ammettere di essere innamorata di Damon ancora prima della trasformazione ! Devono affrontare tutti i momenti condivisi in passato, le parole non dette, i sentimenti repressi
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  • Again going over all these pics – your story really humanizes the whole thing. First reaction to the pics are very strong, but as you explain and add value to each picture, action it has crazily enough become one of my favorite chapters – culture shock to the max but really eye opening and informative – really enjoyed pics and the education that came with your writing – well done yet again! S
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  • It sounds good, but doesn’t seem to work in reality.I have now been using the app since April 26 and there should have been several updates of towers and atleast one update of heatmaps.However, there is NO tower on the map in my area, and no heatmaps.
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  • Yeah, the problem here is not that she is faced with threats that might be reasonable in her situation (though I can’t be certain how reasonable such threats actually are or how sensibly they’re handled since I haven’t played Heavy Rain), it would be that that appears to be her sole purpose. (And possibly also that this is played as fanservicy pandering? I don’t know if that’s the case, but if it is then we have some serious problems.)
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  • Lotesse, so you’re saying that “I bet these kids can figure out amazing things on their own if we stay out of the way” is culturally imperialist, whereas “we must provide a teacher so that these ignorant children will be able to use this wonderful gift we so generously are giving them” would be the non-imperialist route? Seems a little backward. Of course I am saying that from my position of “forward privilege”.
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  • Jim, I’m new here and really enjoying these letters. As long as your spelling the truth there can be no stronger medicine for an ailing nation such as ours is. On Israel…I love my country but if our government turns their back on Israel I’ll be marching on Washington with arms. The nice part will be that I won’t be alone. Oh yea a new pistol would be nice to have. :>)R. A. Vincent
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