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  • Coño! que no estaba logeado para felicitarte niña jaja po ná, que éste sea un gran día para tí y los que te rodean que seguro son lo mas importante para ti, un besazo donde mas te guste MUASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSKKcumple cumple y sigue cumpliendo
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  • Dai che sono praticamente astemio in confronto a voi alla mia età!! Per gli occhiali vedo di farmene dare un paio al prossimo corso rip con specializzazione per chiodi da fessura del 85!!!!!!
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  • Part I was great! I can’t wait to see part 2 & 3. We were at Windsor Castle over the weekend and they have a special portrait exhibition of the Queen. There were some wonderful portraits featured, including the first one above. Her face lights up when she smiles. What an amazing woman!
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  • Those pictures are so sweet! i love the one with Beck’s crack and how he’s unusually close to Mickey’s…well, you know. Sorry to be obscene, but those coaster pictures are awesome!
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  • One of my favorite upskirts occurs in “Repossessed” with Linda Blair. It’s during the scene where Linda is spitting fire into a studio audenience. There’s a scene where the audience panics and jumps up to run. There’s this girl who gives a great upskirt shot. I loved it.
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  • The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.
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  • People respond to her performance on Oprah (so you can see how God is using her):“goodness, gracious, glory be to God….this just goes to show that no matter what you go through you are capable of coming back to who God made you to be!!!! ”“That last note, wow!!! We have our national treasure back!! Now I realised how much I missed her. Dreams do come true.”This is a celebration and a “coming through” for Whitney the Spirit which guides her. One step and one truth at a time.
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  • that though I am not saying I was not disappointed.The main thing out of the exercise was to remember one shot at a time and make sure that is auto.Cheers Lukey
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  • C’est vrai qu’ils sont trop bons, j’avoue que je n’en ai pas mange depuis quelques annees maintenant… Du coup, faut que je decouvre les Millies !Sinon, autre partie du monde, mais ceux de Daylesford organic a Londres sont une vraie tuerie (pour un prochain we londonnien)…
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  • Hi CarlaMy father finally went to Paris last year at age 72. He isn’t always mobile, it changes day to day, however the stories he could tell just by sitting and looking out his hotel window. He has said if he had gone to Paris as a young man, he imagines he would have stayed forever. I am so happy he finally had a chance to see her, he is talking about returning next year.
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  • That is simply the latest PC. Whenever gender is uncertain (person, writer, reviewer, etc) to use "she" instead of the previously used default "he" or more neutral "he or she". Presumably, this is done not to offend any women and show your lack of sexism. The frequency of this usage is steadily increasing. John Hawks does it on his blog, for example. Sometimes this leads to almost comical results. E.g., I've seen this "she" usage in reference to a generic theoretical physicist. Yes, PC types are this petty.
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  • Oh, good luck to you Barbara, as an American I definitely don’t envy you Texas. Entrenched politics… no prisoners warfare about them. Really, good luck. You might find the west coast (I hope) a little easier about these things. But yeah, Americans in general sometimes have a hard time not taking it all personally. They think that having conviction requires that of them. Sad mistake.
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  • that would the chocolate volcano, nature hasn’t invented that yet :P@kitkat if you can eat a whole hill, sure :P@kurt they always ask for extra but if the service is good I don’t mind :) And Bohol is quite far from Manila i believe :P And food is cheap! beer is cheap! whats expensive there!?@steph hehe am back now in Malaysia, but I always have fun going to the Philippines. I plan to explore more :) So many places to go!@The Photodiarist They are! Its so amazing to actually see the view there.
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  • Если б вы только знали, как меня спам в каментах задолбал. Посоветуйте, как с этим бороться?
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  • Pippiii che bontà... ci vorrebbe proprio oggi con questo tempaccio... complimenti sempre per le foto, si lo so mi ripeto, ma mi piacciono troppo e tu sei la mia fotografa preferita!!!! quando la fai una mostra personale delle tue foto???
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  • It’s here! Unfolding everyday in every way all around us. We are exploding into new beings every moment. Enjoy the fabulous ride It is a once in a paradigm happening and we are so blessed. Enjoy your day and stay in that light beam…Blessings…VK
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  • What about Measure “L”? When are the Library’s going to be reopened?Measure “L” is a phony championed by LaBonge and some of his colleagues. But what has he done to re-open the library’s and hire back librarians.
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  • arguments for Christine O’Donnell to be the next Senator from Delaware. Let’s add some amateur criminal idiots to complement the professional criminal idiots! Too bad we can’t call it “progress.” Maybe if we put a three-corner hat on it we can call it “restoring honor.”
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  • ERM.. i ADORE this dress! My hand made dresses always are an epic fail – think maternity SACK on steroids… never ever ever flattering.Thank you so much for the tute and dont be so hard on yourself, you look fab![]
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  • "I helped guide the careers of the Ramones, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, k.d. lang, The Pretenders, The Smiths, Morrissey, Ice-T, Ministry, Tommy Page ..."Just followed a link from Digsby, and had to let you know that, for that reason above alone, you deserve sainthood. Or at least a statue.:-)Will be talking with The Mrs about our finances and, even though we live in Missouri, will see if we can send some cash to that SuperPAC of yours. ;-DKeep up the GREAT work and keep fighting!!
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  • From hun’s forum:Re: Blogs…Post by Review » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:21 pmit’s one blog and one mobile a week besides your regular submissionsGD Star Ratingloading...
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  • Ja du milde… Fast jag kan inte lÃ¥ta bli att undra lite, ja för utom allt du redan undrat över, om kvinnoförnedrandet inte är ett sätt att försöka kamoflera ett sexuellt intresse för fisk? Vet inte om tidelag är förbjudet i Danmark, är det ju inte här, men rumsrent är det inte. Kan det vara det egentliga syftet med bilderna? Förklätt till herr/fisketidning?
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  • Buenos dias me gusta muchisimo, la combinación que nos traes hoy de ropita, un look sencillo y elegante, cada mañana estoy ansiosa de poder encontrar la nueva entrada… un beso y que tengas buena mañana…
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  • Hey Craig, isn’t it funny how we know these strategies but fail to apply them to new operations. Have fun filling them buckets…especially the do more of one…that one’s the best of all
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  • dulu kecoh kate artis dengki ngn die (si neelopak ni) padahal sebenarnye die yg busuk ati.. mcm takut ngn bayang2 sendiri..kesian kan muke cantik tapi hati banyak taik…pastu gedik lak tu~Well-loved.
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  • Uff, jeg har ogsÃ¥ en sÃ¥nn brukerhÃ¥ndbok liggende... Sammen med to fotobøker, i tillegg til at jeg vant en nÃ¥ i romjula som kommer i posten etter hvert... Kanskje mÃ¥ jeg droppe sjokoladespisingen til hverdags, og heller gi en bit eller 7 til meg selv ETTER at et kapittel i en av bøkene er lest?? ;)Sukker i gnagerblandingen?! Jaja, en skal tidlig krøkes!
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  • My first thought was :Step 1. Bite into orange.Step 2. Swallow.Step 3. Repeat with another fruit with Vitiman C.Step 4. You have now ate more foods with Vitamin C !… yeah , that sounds so stupid.Then I watched the video , and I get it now.
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  • keep in mind its hard to successfully make meringue if its rainy outside because that moisture and humidity can surprisingly effect this process, just a note.
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  • maÄŸzamızda en kaliteli sex ürünleri, sex oyuncakları, erotik giyim ürünlerini bulabileceÄŸiniz gibi ayrıca, penis büyütücü, geciktirici, azdırıcı, ürünlerde temin edebilirsiniz. 2003 ten bu yana en kaliteli seks ürünlerini saÄŸlamakta olan agor ta tüm sex ürünlerini temin edebilirsiniz
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  • This entire situation just really makes me ill especially since I recognize some of the same qualities in her on at least one person I occasionally work with. Scary!
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  • One occasionally encounters phenomena like these where one's seen a thing again and again, recognises it, but only when someone points it out does one realise it, and only when it's named does one realise it had to be. Classes of marbled page patterns. It's interesting, too, that that is what should have been chosen for the book. Could it be because it's the exact opposite of the printed word most usual within - flaunted colour for monochrome; motion for stillness; enormous presence of physical process of production - thingness - for its absence in the word sign?
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  • Je n’ai aucun doute que nous serons très nombreux à venir soutenir la candidature de Jacques COURMONTAGNE et Serge DUFOUR lors de la réunion publique de mercredi à Gujan-Mestras avec François BAYROU car il va de l’avenir et du Modem et de la région.C’est une grande chance à ne pas manquer!Soyons au rendez-vous!A Mercredi!
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  • sa to wypociny az smierdza.Ale zauwaz,im bardziej skomplikowana i trudna jest sytuacja swiata tym wiecej miernot zabiera glos -zaczawszy od” pseudo-politykow” pseudo-duchownych i pseudo -dziennikarzy tacy jak ci dwaj.I takie miernoty ksztaltuja swiadomosc spoleczna swiata.trudno sie dziwic ze narastaja tendencje faszystowskie,nacjonalistyczne a nawet wydawaloby sie wyksztalceni ludzie jak biskup strasza ” Antychrystem” kiedy nawet ten ” Chryst” byl tylko dobrym czlowiekiemi nikogo niczym nie straszyl a raczej pomagal .pocieszal
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  • Margaret, my longer posts are composed (and revised) over a long period of time, days and sometimes weeks. It's usually easier for me to work them out as Word documents first.
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  • An clentching communicating is actually couturier survey. I expect that you can make writer on this topic, it power not be described as a bias get better at but generally individuals are not sufficiency to be able to communicate upon such subject areas. To the following. Cheers similar to your Khmer Karaoke Superstars » Somnangblogs.
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  • Fina bilder & ja, örhängena är galet snygga! Hösten tillhör faktisk min favoritÃ¥rstid sÃ¥ jag längtar ;-) eller ja halva sommaren har tillhört hösten = me like.
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  • Thank you Kerry! It would have been so lovely if you could have been there. Letting go of what no longer serves us is so powerful. A lesson we seem to have to relearn everyday. I am trying my best to live it though. And I LOVE yoga and have thought often about teaching.
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  • La veste est vraiment jolie! En été, je ne me prends pas trop la tête non plus, je recherche juste les vêtements avec le moins de tissus possible ^^ Bisous, Loanne
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  • courange a nos amis de likasi qui pratique deja l’experience du PDSM je pense bien que chez a BARAKA nous essoyons aussi plusieurs choses grace aux differentes formations données par le PDSM.Bravot PDSM
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  • Póki jeszcze za oknem zimno mam chęć w marcu upiec jakieÅ› fajne ciacho czekoladowe.. albo ciastka.. :)Uwielbiam poÅ‚Ä…czenie wody różanej i pistacji (znam z ciasta), a także wody różanej i malin (biaÅ‚e czekoladki z kwiatowo-owocowym nadzieniem - NIESAMOWITE :)) MuszÄ™ coÅ› na ich temat napisać w koÅ„cu no.. zasÅ‚ugujÄ… na to ;) Basia super fota! Czy gorzka czekolada nie przyćmiÅ‚a róży?caÅ‚usy i miÅ‚ego tygodnia.
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  • Beautiful Bev, gorgeous colours. Had a laugh at you coming out in hives using your papers etc, I always try and think if I use it I can buy more new goodies, its a great excuse! Hugs Dawn Marie.xx
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  • originally saw this post on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog, but you can check out the full post at Puttin’ on the Grits. The post shows the process
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  • Honestly Peach dried flowers, nasty! Your Mum sounds like she was some amazing woman, fancy buying a woman like that a cameo brooch.My worst ever present was a massive bouquet of flowers about 9pm on my wedding anniversary. He was a Nurse at a care home and they were from a funeral earlier that day that family had brought all the flowers to the home to cheer up the old dears. He forgot and left the card in ~ insensitive prat ~ needless to say he is my EX husband. Kandi x
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  • E Gaudi? Barcelona soube realmente situar-se na rota internacional das mais belas cidades. Devido a quem? Gaudi!Sejamos criativos e se não somos deixemos que alguém seja e nos ajude a crescer e inovar! Teresa Osório
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  • El bauco scrive:Solita sparata all’italiana. Noi siamo sempre quelli che invece di far funzionare le cose normali pensano di sapere fare quelle eccezionali.Nel rugby di questi anni (dominato dal business e dagli anglosassoni) o fai vedere che sei bravo e ti meriti il rispetto (come fanno i francesi e gli argentini) oppure meglio lasciare perdere a tirare avanti alla nostra maniera.GavaZZi prima di sparare caZZate ingiro per il mondo pensi a riportare il livello e la credibilità del rugby italiano a livelli decenti.
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  • I recently started a workout program and after doing some research i ordered african mango cleanse to help lose weight. I’ve lost 8 pounds already in only two weeks and just ordered my second bottle. I have a hard time swallowing pills and like the capsules “gel” like feel and can swallow them without chewing. If you are looking to lose weight quickly and naturally this product is recommended.
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  • what mystifies & bothers me is how resistant this ignorance or blindness is to change…and now we have another sad example of health care system failure combined with the power of the NRA…
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  • "मैंने मयखाने को समझा पाकगाहों की तरह -साथ में पंडित कभी मौलवी रहे हैं , इसलिए"रवीन्द्र जी, आपके खजाने से एक और अच्छी पोस्ट ...उम्दा शेरों के साथ....बधाई
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  • Your cards are never in a rut for me – I love looking at them ALL!! WOW! Thank you for the chance to win some excellent blog c a n d y!! YUM, YUM! And Happy New Year, Michelle Z! Best,Elaine
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  • That would be awesome Jason, if only DC could get their act together. Marvel is kicking butt in the movie business, but hopefully DC will find a way to compete. At least we have the wonderful universe that Bruce Timm and his crew have created for us over the years. Thanks for checking out the review…
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  • This photo is amazing in the way it illustrates the irony of the various dilemnas in the middle east. The lighting and expression of the model are excellent. While the use of solid colors give the photo a feeling of clear-cutness.
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  • Truly adorable!!!! Theyre cute mare! =)Nweis thnks for dropping by ha…nsa states dn b kayu? what city? Sa arkansas ang husband ko and hopefully when our papers are okay so with our fare hahahaha makasunod dn kame dun =)thnks again! thnks for adding me in your FB =)
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  • saye setuju dgn seri. watak DD tu gedik sgt. nyampah tul nk baca. rase meluat, tak habis bace. terus simpan dlm almari.. tak lalu nk bace..
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  • …and I thought having a "full time job" was hard work. I applaud you and your non-stop efforts and accomplishments in doing what God wants you to do with your children!![]
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  • I’d have to verify with you here. Which isn’t something I usually do! I take pleasure in studying a publish that will make folks think. Additionally, thanks for permitting me to remark!
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  • hello, i am trying to research my family roots. i am from the MATTIAS HATFIELD line. my grandfather LILLIAN OZBURN HATFIELD , his father was , ROBERT LUCIUS HATFIELD . if you can help me in any way please contact me at . thank you
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  • Mmm… jag brukar trösta mig med att tyger man gillar är en ren investering. Ta molnen t ex, jag köpte enormt mycket för 2 Ã¥r sedan. Nu blir det tredje vÃ¥ren/sommaren jag syr av det. Och tar förmodligen slut pÃ¥ det äntligen.
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  • Ah c'est toi LA cliente de la redoute (ça existe encore ?).Pour le colis, tu peux le faire livrer au boulot. Ca se pratique beaucoup dans ma boite. Comme ça pas le stress de devoir passer à la poste.
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  • Thanks for the comment on my blog. I can’t believe you want to move to a colder place. I’d love to have hot weather all year So many gorgeous pieces. I love the Willow outfit and the Jenni Kayne cape.
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  • I’ll definitely contribute part of my bonus, that is if Malcolm Turnbull and his mob of upper-class, idle rich party-poopers don’t stop us getting it in the first place.References :
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  • wonderful bryan. keep producing, exploring and enlarging the poetic swamp..blessings and joy for this new year standing at the door sill, waving goodbyes and opening arms to catch what we give
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  • "And you were driving your Beemer, so that means...?"It would have been a long ride on the bicycle?I'm guessing the guy with the Murcielago parked out front of the restaurant of a Saturday evening had other choices in the scuderia back in Meridian Hills...
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  • It … @010nope010 It was not explained, it was the basics of the basics. For the 2nd part, I’ll be covering: BD Jump, Step Cancel, Rainbow Step + variants, Brake Cancel, Quick Charge, Charge Shot Cancel and maybe some others but those are the main. Was this answer helpful?
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  • to bury a bomb because it is leaking radiation, and you don’t literally put it under ground in the dirt where there is less chance of contamination, but you niceley place it on a platform in a room and cover it with a blnket????? COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were not that done in the 50′s. That is all for now. Got to finish the Laker game!!!!
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  • Those are some very disturbing numbers.  But the truth is that our system of voter registration is very vulnerable to fraud.  Just check out what has been happening down in Florida…
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  • Lasha,Sorry to hear your Lists are being blocked. It’s because of your anti-Zionist writings. You can expect this sort of persecution from the powers-that-be. They are trying to make it hot for you and restrict your readership. They’d like to muzzle you and shut you down permanently.
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  • Burning Oat hulls? That’s an interesting source of fuel that I haven’t heard of yet. I guess the alternatives can be found everywhere, if only there’s a will to look for them. Great article by the way.
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  • Our family members each have different favorites. Mine is Fudge Brownie and it’s only sold by Baskin Robin in Oregon. It’s one of the first things I’m going to eat when we move back home at the end of the month:) If I do buy something at the store, I purchase by brand: Breyers or Ben and Jerry’s’.marcee dot rodgers at gmail dot com
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  • haha- i’m glad you enjoyed that! even if someone hates politics, i think that video is extremely inspiring. especially because those kids are in 6th and 7th grade!
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  • it should be noted that i wasn’t able to get any shade of orange into the wedding, setting us up to renew our vows formally and publicly in no fewer than 10 years.
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  • Field, Perhaps they placed the bug in the Senators office because they hoped to catch some people having SEX.Hmmmnn...no, wait, that would only happen in the Louisiana GOVERNOR's office.heheheL
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  • Regarding the whole NCAA Violations matter, I truly think that the NCAA needs to either be more efficient – and thereby more of a martinet – or become more realistic in their evaluations. While I have absolutely no use for the likes of “Cal-the-Lip”, this current Bledsoe thingy is a waste of time, money, and newspaper ink … The NCAA ought to simply follow the olde adage of “Follow the Money” !!! No $$$, no violation … By $$$ I mean the disbursement of anything by anyone (school, booster, or supplier) to anyone associated with the kid !!!Seems pretty simple and realistic to me !!!
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  • The days are long, but the years are short. I don’t want to miss them! For more short and sweet ideas on how to stop and smell the roses, to enjoy the little things in life, check out my 31 Days to Smell the Roses series.
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  • You had all the ingredients for a good time:good company,good foodgood weather.Our family doesn’t even get together like this once a year. We only have occasions or events and they don’t occur every year. No one ever seems to want to take the time to have a get together anymore. Too sad.Glad yours was fun .xx, CarolO, fruit salad…yum!
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  • We too love the ear muffs. My now 9 year old was terrified of loud noises…he wore them at the race track, when he was working in the garage with Dad and any other time that it was “too loud” for him. I’m loving your blog. Thanks for sharing!
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  • Joe, thank you for such an awe-inspiring evening. I’m glad you ran out of books at the book-signing and I hope to find a copy in an area bookstore! Tina
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  • ich denke das ein Reiz unter anderem darin liegt, das die Berliner Schnauze celebriert wird, und ich denke das es doch einen nicht unerheblichen Aspekt von Homur mit sich bringt :P
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  • I'm with you on the most hated word 100%. Can't stand it. I can't think of my favorite English words right now... I'm trying to learn Dutch so I've been making lists of Dutch words I like and it's throwing everything else out the window! I enjoyed this post a lot though, I'm going to have to give it some more thought and see what I can come up with =)
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  • I totally see your point, and never like it when people jump down others’ throats when a contrarian viewpoint is expressed. Racing is like a drug–I’m addicted to the thrill of speed, but somewhere deep down I have a suspicion that it’s a shallow, dangerous addiction. I gotta buy some better gear!
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  • I were in a band, I think I would prefer to have my music used in a movie trailer than in a commercial (although, depending on the product & the ad, that would probably work for me too!).Â
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  • wooowwww!!!!sono stata alle 5 terre, ma non fino lì... questo tuo "reportage" fa proprio venire voglia di una gita...OT: che canon usi?
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  • Vous lisez mal : il ne s’agit pas des entreprises en tant que telles, mais des syndicats patronaux qui se permettent de vouloir dicter sa politique au Président…
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  • The quilt is gorgeous and very inspiring :: after I had seen these fabrics on your blog some time ago, I went to the LFS online and purchased in their half price sale...been pondering a quilt and now I see the potential of ll that combined knock-yer-socks-off-flowery-goodness, think I might give it a go.The doll also wonderful Katy, veeeeeery cutesomexx
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