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  • je tente une explication psychologique :prochain est un futur paradoxalement perçu comme lointainla semaine prochaine ou l’année prochaine ou Noël prochain sont suffisamment lointains ; vendredi prochain (après-demain donc) est trop proche pour être prochain.suis-je claire ?
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  • I actually really enjoy reading simmons, but it doesn’t make any sense to me how he could watch 7 games of the magic against his beloved celtics and NOT understand what they were good at/how they would perform against cleveland. cavs were an overwhelming favorite, but I think mostly because peopel didn’t really waych orlando that much. Simmons should have known better than to write that graph that joel copied and pasted.joel and jd – thanks for two hysterical posts
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  • Fabricio Henrique Marques disse:Pra fechar o ano com chave de ouro…. Vai ser muito perfeito ver esses cara tocar. Já estou ansioso.
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  • Hi Dave, Thank you for explaining the thought process on raising the volume levels for worship. I prefer clapping & raising hands when I worship. I have been slowly adjusting. Much of the new music is not conducive to clapping hands I think you may be painting “all outsiders ” into fans of edgy ear splitting rock music. Perhaps I’m missing the actual target demographic that LCBC is aiming for. I assumed it was anyone unsaved. Any chance of mixing in a Darrell Evans type song (yes lord, yes lord, yes yes lord) comes to mind?
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  • Buenas tardes Nesesito un areservacion para un cumpleaños somos 10 personas para este sabado 4 de junio sin mas quedo en espera de algun dato para comunicarmeENRIQUE ORTIZ
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  • Very interesting points you have noted , thanks for posting . “Jive Lady Just hang loose blood. She gonna handa your rebound on the med side.” by Airplane.
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  • to encourage the development of liberal and/or non-nationalist parties in Israel, to shift the electoral balance. ”this reminds me of how they imported a million rightwing russians? that sure shifted the demographics didn’t it? something tells me convincing a million lefty diaspora jews to immigrate might be a more challenging project but maybe not as challenging as converting rightwingers in israel to the left side of the spectrum.
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  • Reklam brukar vara ganska trist men detta var en av de trevligaste reklamer jag sett faktiskt ;)Scrubs version av Risky Business är ganska bra ocksÃ¥ förresten.What?! Kan man bli bjuden pÃ¥ sÃ¥nt när man skriver en blogg :O/me Startar genast bloggen Xboxpojken
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  • Se não teve relações gravidez pode-se descartar.E sim, pode estar relacionado com a situação que teve na piscina, pelo que se ainda tiver com dores o melhor é verificar com o seu médico.
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  • Pinky beige always works with a bordeaux color. Love the gray too. You've got a big project on your hands! Looking forward to seeing the final reveal.
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  • S pomÄ›rem šířky k v výšce nesouhlásím. Budou jen problémy u pÄ›nivých kvasů a Å¡patnÄ› využitý prostor vařáku. Lepší je vařák vyšší, ale musí být ohříván po celé své užitné výšce.Rafael
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  • In my humble opinion it looks like you have stabilized and can concentrate on the small details to make it to the top Felt however sorry for Mr B with his bad legs. He should have won.Judging from the last picture there is a 50/50 chance to reach the destination with some airlines. Don’t forget to kiss the earth next time
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  • love these maxis i got a couple from ASOS last summer, i agree with the blogger above though, tedbaker maxis fit perfectly! I love the palazzo pants this summer too...love your blog SEOX
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  • While not quite the same, I recall hearing a piece from Tzofnas Paneach on hilchos Sefiras HaOmer in which the Rogachover posits that a line of infinite length can’t really have a specific starting point (he uses this with regards to time).
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  • jò scrive:>ciao Elisabetta, è stato davvero un gran piacere conoscerti, sei una ragazza davvero squisita (concordo con Marta!)lo stesso vale per tua sorella io sono una frana in cucina, ma passo la ricetta allo chef di casa, il mio Love spero di sposarmi al + presto così mi farai una delle tue mitiche torte…bacissimi
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  • Mari comentou em 6 de maio de 2012 às 15:20. Oi Julia! Adorei o make. Não sou tão fã de delineador colorido, mas esse me conquistou ;)Então, já faz um tempo que eu to tentando fazer uma maquiagem igual (não inspirada) na que a Mallu Magalhães usou na campanha da My Shoes e não consigo de jeito nenhum!Você poderia nos ensinar a fazer? :)
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  • This Implicit Bias stuff deserves more criticism than it's gotten now that it's getting out of journals and starting to affect the real world. Unfortunately there isn't a big market for criticism of it. One long article that goes to town on it is from Phil Tetlock.
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  • cfChoosing your Gas Use Argon/C02 mix for steel, Use Argon for aluminum, Use Tri Mix for stainless steel. For 115 volt welders you will have to reach the sellers. {||||
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  • “And if we do end up redesigning it with you, we’ll be sure to give you FULL credit as the designer of the new tasmeemME website : )”Interesting. I don’t see my name in the contributions for the “updated designs we’ve worked on”
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  • Dapper, hoor, om zelf de hand aan balkenbrij te slaan. Niet bepaald een voor de hand liggende keuze. Het heeft míj in ieder geval geïnspireerd ook weer eens mee te doen met het FBE.Van op 23.02.10 8:25 pm
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  • I was suggested this website by way of my cousin. I am no longer sure whether or not this post is written through him as nobody else understand such special approximately my difficulty. You’re amazing! Thanks!
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  • Executive Order 6102 is an Executive Order signed on April 5, 1933, by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt “forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates” by U.S. citizens. What is to say the same thing wont happen again?ALSOCan somone please tell me how you physicaly exchange a bag or 2 of rice for gold. Say i want to buy 2 bags of? rice worth say half an ounce of silver but you have 1 once, you gonna get your hack saw out and start cutting – realy?
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  • Hahaha, como eu digo, esse deve ser o melhor emprego do mundo! Show do The Who, "in loco", na Austrália... nada mal!Melhor do que isso, só o São Paulo conquistar esse ano o primeiro tricampeonato de sua história! rs
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  • Pues sí, el racismo existe en todos lados... lo raro sería encontrar un país o lugar donde no lo hubiera. Bien lo decía Newton "puedo predecir el comprotamiento de los astros y planetas, pero no puedo predecir la estupidez humana".La estupidez humana es universal.Saludos.
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  • Das sind interessante neue Funktionen und die genannten Funktionen die nun alle wegfallen würde ich so unterschreiben. Allerdings habe ich etwas zu bemängeln. Wenn die Rechnungen im Backend nach Datum sortiert werden, sind sie bei einem erneuten Login nicht mehr nach Datum sortiert und es fehlt die Möglichkeit die Rechnungen nach dem “Status” zu sortieren,
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  • à°¨ిజమేà°…ంà°¡ి...à°Žందరో à°…à°°్à°§ం à°•ాà°¨ి à°šిà°¤్à°°ాà°²ు à°µేà°¸ి, à°­ాà°°à°¤ీయతను అవహేళన à°šేà°¸ిà°•ూà°¡ à°…à°µాà°°్à°¡ుà°²ు, à°°ిà°µాà°°్à°¡ుà°²ు à°—ెà°²ుà°šుà°•ుà°¨్à°¨ాà°°ు. à°…à°²ాంà°Ÿిà°¦ి à°¬ాà°ªుà°—ాà°°ిà°•ి à°¸ à°—ౌà°°à°µం ఇవ్వలేà°¦ు à°…à°¨ిà°ªిà°¸్à°¤ోంà°¦ి à°…à°µాà°°్à°¡ుà°² à°°ూà°ªేà°£ా!!à°¬ాà°ªు à°¬ొà°®్మలాà°—ాà°¨ే à°¬ాà°ªు à°²ిà°ªి à°•ూà°¡ా à°šాà°² ఆసక్à°¤ిà°•à°°ంà°—ా à°‰ంà°Ÿుంà°¦ి. ఎవరయిà°¨ా ఆయన à°²ిà°ªిà°¨ి à°¤ెà°²ుà°—ు à°«ాంà°Ÿుà°—ా à°šేà°¸్à°¤ే à°¬ాà°µుà°£్à°£ు.
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  • Schönes Outfit, der Pulli gefällt mir recht gut und die Jeans hat nette Details. Der Hintergrund wirkt auch interessant, sieht nach nem coolen Second Hand Markt (?) oder ähnlichem aus, wo war das?Die Frisur steht dir toll, passt sehr gut zu dir. Hat was vom 60er-Jahre Look, aber nicht so streng und bieder, sondern lässig und stylish, deine Haare. Und das sag ich als eigentlich ausgesprochener Langhaar-Fan.
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  • If you’re still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you’ll know which is right for you.
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  • Välirauha! Tosiaankin, historia tulee näyttämään, kuinka osuva ilmaisu on! Hyvä Sampo! Riiperi sortui Soinin populismiin, kun antoi ulos: Menneet(stx) ovat menneitä! Aika hyvä ennustaja, varsinkin kun on kaikkensa sen eteen tehnyt. Viisastenkivi taitaa löytyä sieltä Obelixin selän takaa, se hiidenkivi.
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  • 153Je n’ajouterai qu’une chose après ce post complet: si vous connaissez à peu près votre date d’accouchement (moi j’ai été déclenchée pour ma 2ème) : allez chez le coiffeur avant, ça permet d’avoir une tête présentable pour les photos que vous garderez toute votre vie! bon courage à toutes.24
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  • ümit diyor ki:yaşım 23 baküde calışabileceyim bir otel arıyorum açcıyardımcısıyım sokmeze üzerinebide normal italyn mutvada öretim aldım 7 ay özelik letercih edim yer bakü butvak benim hayatımdır .
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  • zy dit :enfermer de cette façon des animaux sauvages, çe ne me plaît pas du tout ! je comprends qu’on aime admirer ces animaux majestueux ou juste étonnants mais l’expression comme un fauve en cage veut bien dire quelque chose pour moi…. ces animaux sont faits pour être en liberté!VA:F [1.9.17_1161](from 1 vote)
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  • Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Rss feed is not working today. I tried including it to my Yahoo reader account and got nothing.
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  • Hi,I have a bucket out in the garden and am waiting for it fill with rain so I can start making your soap.I have 2 questions for you if that is ok.Firstly, as I live in the UK and olive oil is imported, can I use this recipe with sunflower or rape seed oil?Finally, if I boil mint leaves or other fragrant plants and flowers in the water before starting the process will it affect the end product?Many thanks for your content,Suzana
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  • Александр Жабский :Конечно, в театре Свердлова! А в Горького он выступал на встрече с актёрами театра и интеллигенцией. Я был на той встрече.
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  • On the boat, Ma Costa approaches Lyra, who is quietly worried that Ma Costa will remember that this girl helped capture her boat on the day her son disappeared. I think the incident where Lyra helped steal the Costa's boat happened a year or two back, not on the day Billy disappeared. When Lyra was heading to the horse fair she was hoping to get another chance to steal a boat, but was distracted from her goal when she found out Billy was gone.
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  • “Um dos argumentos do evangelista para convencer os potenciais novos usuários da plataforma da Microsoft é que os desenvolvedores amam o WP7.” … putz, eu só sei que se o desenvolvedor “ama”, com certeza o usuário vai ter problemas.Usando Firefox 5.0 em Windows XP
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  • My eyes are shutting down, so will be logging off.Pain-free sleep and a good school day tomorrow, Betsy.Pellora, your volume of posts has been astounding.MM, hope the migraine fairy comes overnight and takes yours away.Night, all
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  • Les Quillot, mais oui. Et Bérégovoy ou Salengro, dont le suicide, pire encore que la maladie ou le désespoir a pour cause le déshonneur, l’absconse vachardise de journaleux qui se comportent comme des chiens. là , François Péterrand avait raison…
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  • Hi, Mal. Thanks for the kind word. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Matteo and Tzigone’s adventures will continue. As you may know, the fourth edition D&D rules reboot brought a lot of changes to the Forgotten Realms, including the catastrophic magical “Spellplague” destroyed most of Halruaa–and by destroyed, I mean the land mass is no longer there. Also, the timeline was advanced by a century. Since both characters are human, it’s unlikely that they would have survived either, much as both, of those events. Wish I had better news!
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  • Kingsunwu2012 å¹´ 10 月 10 日游戏渠道:91版幻想精灵区服:闪耀平原帐号:kingsunwu1ID号:11503角色名:kin我的建议: 改良游戏的一些设计打塔的时候很累啊, 我每次可以打到70多层, 点到我手都累死了… 建议在打完每层的时候, 游戏会出现”回放”和”返回”按钮时, 多加一个”下一层”按钮, 作用是直接打下一层; 不用点”返回”—>”挑战”—>…. 才能打下一层, 累啊!!!同样的道理, 为了刷经验+金钱, 玩家会不停的打NPC`野怪; 在打完的时候, 出现”回放”和”返回”按钮时, 多加一个”再打一次”按钮, 作用是直接打下一论; 不用点”返回”—>”挑战”—>…. 你懂的
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  • Excellent, excellent article!What's so sad is that Israel's survial could easily be assured through simple measures--more emuna, fighting terrorism to live, and unity.That has never failed the Jewish people when it comes to Israel.Keliata
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  • November 19, 2012 at 11:23 pmI have a standard mic stand with the standard size threads, but my shock mount for my mxl 990 condenser mic will not fit on the the screw threads on the mic stand. Is there a cheap solution or a solution at all? Reply
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  • Who? Tech writer/sysadmin/musician. Details, that's what my userinfo page is for.Why? Remembered some rant you'd written back in 97 or so, found you on this thing when I got here.Music: Currently listening toCoil's _The Ape of Naples_ (rough spots, but I think worthwhile),MuM's _Finally We Are No One_ (I recommended Sigur Ros to a friend I ran into in a record store, he suggested I check out MuM, it was an Icelandic shopping day), andSunn)))'s _White Two_ (which I like better than _Black One_).
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  • Уступлю очередь на Поло-седан в Москве, дилер Дженсер, комплектация Highline, механика, цвет синий металлик, приходит в начале марта 2011г. Стоимость автомобиля 534400 р. Тел. (905)529-06-28. Дмитрий.
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  • David I too like the EB 45 dutch pantry window but that is a costly (and in our opinion) troublesome decision for the owner. If it fails when in the down position what do you do? I (we) like simplicity of thimngs that work and that we can have faith in working day in and day out. Gadgets are cool too but this one really concerns us
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  • Thanks for posting Cheryl.The pain may persist but hope is on the horizon. Hope that you and I along with thousands of others former members of that horrific cult, can talk and work out the problems that still plaque us. Those thoughts that remind us of the bad old days, or when we might hear a certain term used, a holy day mentioned, whatever it might be we can get by it by supporting each other. If you ever need to talk, write me here at the Painful Truth.
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  • This isn’t the first time the AC team has relegated cool ideas to a portable though. Altair had his entire life fleshed out with DS, PSP and even iphone games, and fans of him like me never really got the chance to see the development of his character. *single tear*
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  • I think you need to do a very simple but fundamental change. The comments should go to the right of the video window so that i can scroll through them without losing sight of the video being watched. This would mean moving the "related videos etc to the position currently occupied by the "comments, below the video window.
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  • Some other possible interesting Budget Travel Tips could be to select some of your travel photo's to send to Photostock agencies, or to become a lecture speaker on a cruise ship.
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  • Such exciting new! Congrats to Ryan and Tiff on the new baby. It will be fun to have Kory training as well. Amanda, hope you have a wonderful birthday!
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  • Hey SML!!!It's not really that I'm blogging about this instead of a proper post about the Paris Exmo Expo 2007 -- it's just that I'm waiting for other people's photos before writing my real post, since I only got those five...Hey FFG!!!Yeah, those Victorian medical female orgasm stories are great!!! :D
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  • Un taureau manifeste ? Cet évènement sera-t-il, comme je l’espère, couvert par Marmande ?Autre tribu, autre fin : le lien rappelle que Sitting Bull était sioux et invite à voir ou revoir Little Big Man ; chez les Cheyennes, et pour une parabole qui reste trop actuelle, je recommanderai Soldier Blue (et pour zerbinette, d’écouter Buffy Sainte-Marie).
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  • Tej wiosenki wÅ‚adajÄ… z jednej strony jasne i pastelowe barwy: écru amarantowy, żółty, beżowy, czerwieÅ„ i bananowy, a także klasyczna biel. Z odmiennej strony nie pozwalajÄ… o sobie zapomnieć również: granat bÄ…dź intensywna czerwieÅ„. JeÅ›li chcesz dowiedzieć siÄ™ wicej:
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  • Nice haul. I would have walked passed the rug, but seeing it in front of your fireplace....its perfect. I really hope your wish for return to hot weather comes true.
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  • Just love your compost tumbler and it was a breeze to set up! All those “death” warnings were funny, though!! Dexter was also ensuring that we weren’t swallowed up by the bin! Have fun with it and take note when you harvest your fresh, yummy, gorgeous, home-grown compost! I’m jealous! OH YES!! I’ve seen these nifty easy go thingies!!! When I find one I’ll buy you one!
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  • Ustedes están todos locos!!! jejejeje, yo quiero conocer España, como extranjero solo puedo decir que cada lugar tiene rincones y curiosidades para mostrar. Pienso ir proximamente a España y visitar ambas cuidades por favor, ya que cada uno defiende sus ciudades agradecería esos daticos y lugares que los turistas no van pero que son interesantes y ustedes como habitantes conocen. Mil gracias!
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  • deze reacties zijn overigens zeer serieus, ik heb begrepen dat wat lossere lezers van dit blog anders in de ban gaan. Volgens mij was het eerder dat de te serieuze lezers in de ban gaan. Welke groep is de volgende?
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  • Certo che non deve essere piacevole sapere di essere un personaggio conosciuto e amato da tutti...e quasi nessuno ti riconosce.Un po' come David Prowse, che ha interpretato Darth Vader, per poi essere sostituito da un altro attore nell'unico momento in cui si leva il casco.
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  • I truly disagree.. time flies with a newborn session.. my photographer worked with him for 3 1/2 hours. She got amazing photos. It takes time.. depending on baby, schedule and temperment.If it takes less than that then id reevaluate the photographer. She calmed , loved, posed and did all sorts of stuff.[]
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  • Gavin–You’re speaking to a common difficulty here. It’s one thing to offer up ways of judging/disqualifying teachers, but that only confuses the matter when one has few or no teachers to choose from in the first place. I’ll say just this: much of the burden, in this tradition, is on the student. You can be a very good student if your teacher does not live up to your hopes. And that can be enough. Good luck to you.Gassho,-koun
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  • I would be interested to see an opinion poll of Israel’s LGBT community on their views on the occupation and apartheid system in Historical Palestine; gays the world over tend to be more conscious of the importance of equality and human rights.
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  • #21–There’d be no point in signing someone to a 10-day if that were the case. Look, I know the Lakers have a roster full of versatile players, but you know what? Fisher is still playing 36 minutes a game. I’d prefer Fisher have fresh legs for the most important games of the year. The cost of fresh legs are a couple of 10 day contracts for a player that can grasp the basics of the triangle and play 10 minutes a night.
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  • LaRue, Olympic Arms, now York. Any others? Looks like this is starting to snowball. I hope the trend continues- not because I don&#39;t support LEOs and military but because this sends a clear message to the state of NY.
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  • Thanks, Cheryl and Melinda for your encouraging words. In times when I do not understand, (which is often), I trust God&#8217;s goodness. The Bible says He is good. When I look around, I see that His creation is good.I bank on the truth of God&#8217;s Word and His character, and I too will understand one day.May the Lord be praised even in tragedy.
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  • yes, art (or even Art) does not exist in a vacuum. So what? As an example, some of the best music (in my opinion) was written by a devout Lutheran. As an atheist I have no time at all for his religious position, but am entranced by his church music.
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  • I&#8217;ve been away from St. Lucia for about 2 years now so I haven&#8217;t felt the VAT, but I must say that our Prime Minister is acting like a leader and I&#8217;m proud that St. Lucia has a leader who is willing to take responsibility and tackle the issues head on.
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  • Leão Azedo, Onde é que se massacra o SCP, aqui? Ou apenas se tenta mostrar que a gestão do Braga merece ser elogiada? Que sem arranjar desculpas, conseguiu colocar o Braga na LC, um feito importantíssimo para um clube daquela dimensão? Quanto aos postes, não podem servir de desculpa ao SCP.
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  • Tattoos are not gay and I&#039;ll fuck anyone in the ass who says they are! That car is a waste of a good car on an utter tool&#8230;..he needs head butting into a coma.
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  • &quot;Muslim world&#39;s definition of victim as someone who tries, but fails to kill you.&quot; This is so true, but the west are the enablers, it takes 2 to tango and I can say that Israel is no better than the west because it is built on the same principles. Very astute analysis, amazing, kol ha kavod!
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  • Hi RoxanneJust wondering if you ever do house concerts at all. I saw you playing with Romi Mayes on one of her Youtube videos and I was thinking it would be good to see you live. I have had Romi at my place 3 times now and she is going to be back again in May. Anyway let me know what you think.Thanks for nowKevin Macleod
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  • Wait, what? Anita Sarkeesian, by editing or deleting comments on her site, has managed to prevent anyone, anywhere, from presenting counterarguments to her videos? She has truly amazing internet powers; I&#8217;m surprised she still has to make videos about cultural sexism and misogyny.
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  • ...One of the most interesting mass murders was Carl Panzram (1891-1930).&quot;He also burgled house of William Howard Taft, who at the time was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and of course had once been President.
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  • Sincerely, from all these top 10 sexist women I don’t like very much Angelina. I don’t know why you put her in the second place. Look how ugly she is in this picture. I don’t think she should be the number 2 in this top 10 sexist women list. I would put her to the bottom of the list if it was necessary.
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  • Thanks. I&#8217;ve often struggled with feelings of guilt over how easy my life seemed&#8230; I felt: &#8220;why should things be so good for me when everyone else is struggling. I should be struggling too.&#8221; It&#8217;s reassuring to know that things feeling easy for me is in part a state of mind that I&#8217;ve created &#8211; and you&#8217;re right, when things feel easy, I&#8217;ve got more to give others. Ali,Breathe, Nourish, Be.justbewellness.com
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  • Hi kieran i do recall Power mentioning a graveyard near the church, but I havent ever gone to see it or tried to find it . Have you been to see it ? religeen means little graveyard. you do get early medieval and post medieval graveyards on there own, away form churches so i doubt it has anything to do with disease. Louise
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  • hallux limitus, and taking glucosamine and chondritin, with little relief, sore when I walk. Wearing orthotics too. Any other natural remedies I could try? Doctor not very helpful. I am swimming but miss the walking.
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  • E-mail subscription notifications appear to be sent out even before the video is uploaded? I got e-mail notifications for 2 failed uploads, and an upload that was still uploading. WTF...so much for Private.
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  • Sorry; did not see I had to leave a story. I never really learned to fold a paper-plane when I was a kid. Thus when my son wanted me to make one I finally learned how to do it. Hopefully that will aply to manny other skills in these komming years.
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  • It is sad but true that these practices are happening, Still there has not been the study how stress contributes to weight gain. They haven&#8217;t tied the facts together to see that America became a &#8220;heavy&#8221; country when they laid off or combined so many jobs to make a profit for these big corporations. Making workers work under so much stress trying to perform the position of 3 persons. And now they want to punish the people they created, , . How sad. America is always looking for someone to discriminate against.
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  • Would I have even left Australia had Fashion Week been cancelled earlier? Possibly not. As I go to Tokyo each year anyway, I do think I would have postponed the trip. But as it happened straight after the quake, I had no time to think. I certainly wouldn&#8217;t have packed absurd things like my silver brocade turban, Chrome Rats or D Squared spine heel shoes (see my hanging rack of clothes-for-Japan-fashion-week here).
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  • , when we know better, we do better. And, that&#39;s what you did. I think you and Robert both found each other as adults when you really needed each other. The timing, I believe, was really quite perfect. :)
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  • Merci David, cher frère, d&#8217;avoir commenté mon billet.Je comprends que l&#8217;État ait mis de la pression sur les gens en général pour contrer l&#8217;obésité. Mais malgré tout, je crois qu&#8217;il faut tout de même réfléchir sur les propos de la députée.Je suis d&#8217;accord avec les 2 choses à considérer dont tu parles dans ton commentaire.Mais si ce n&#8217;est pas l&#8217;État qui s&#8217;en mêle, qui pourra instaurer les 2 choses en question???
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  • Sounds like busy work because they don&#8217;t know what else to do. Its frighteningly lame. Doesn&#8217;t give me any sense that we have competency in our intelligence agencies.We can we get real leadership with real problem solving skills?
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  • So. much. suffering.Fear pounces, consumes, devours.But Hope stands silent, vigilant guard.Can I find it?Thank you for the vulnerable post, reflections of so many of our feelings.Teri
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  • $14,000 a year a stipend? You got to be kidding. Plus mileage? You&#8217;ve got to be kidding again. LET HIM BUY THE NEW FIRE TRUCK.WASTE, WASTE, WASTE. Jessica only gets something like a $1,000 a year for ALL she does for the community. What is wrong with this picture?
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  • If there is a program that predicts your behavior, and you programmed a robot to carry out those predictions in real time, then as far as anyone could tell, the robot would be you. Would it have free will?Can you describe exactly what property of a program gives it free will, as opposed to making deterministic predictions?
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  • Atenção o delicioso docinho de nome &#8220;Nega Maluca&#8221; passará a ser denominado politicamente correto: &#8220;Afro Descendente com doença mental&#8221;, será que ainda será tão gostoso?
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  • Lanussa disse:Estava no culto pastora e achei a sua postura sobre ter equilibrio para comer ou em qualquer area da nossa é fundamental para refletir a glória de Deus&#8230;Sabemos que nenhuma fraqueza nos impede de falarmos sobre Jesus, mas temos que ter a prática de buscar nEle sermos referenciais em tudo&#8230; E comer equilibradamente, faz parte dela&#8230;Deus abençoe vc e sua família&#8230;
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  • I&#8217;m going to be perfectly honest Ess, I don&#8217;t think I know 4 or 5 I will now go and IMDB there asses and then come back going &#8216;oh, I loved him in &#8230;&#8217; actually when I do I will come back with my list, cos although I know the first 3 without pausing for breath, 4 and 5 are causing a problem mostly cos Clooney has started to look well old!
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  • I see no obligation to post lies that have already been given an airing here. Or post personal insults against me.Now eat shit, die, and eat shit after you die.RJ
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