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  • I don’t know if was dreaming it didn’t feel like a dream. I remember going to bed and waking up in cave. I slowly opened my eyes laying next a fire lighting the cave just a little light. Enough to I was in a cave I jump to my feet looking around for something I thought was lost or might of died. It was a weird wanton feeling. But there she was not dead not lost my wolf I hug her stroke her dead told her I missed. I stand up look out the cave opening into a dark forest I feel the night breeze on my face; and asked she if she if was ready (She was her name). she walks to my side and rubbed me I told her ” remember stay by side run with me.we begin to run I feel the forest a euphoric feeling fills my body. And im sitting up in my bed eyes wide open……. SAYING TO MYSELF MY WOLF SHE IS ALONE.
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